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Dear Brookside Homes Management and Staff,

It is an honor for me to write this letter of reference for Zachary Pearson. Zachary has been both an outstanding student at the Pennsylvania College of Technology and freelance project employee here at Vogt Media/Wellsboro Home Page ( Vogt Media is a multimedia production company and Wellsboro Home Page is a NEW MEDIA experience presenting broadcast news and information to the communities we serve.  

We have discovered a great deal about Zachary and his amazing abilities while working on a children’s book and iPad application.  This project has been carefully designed to encourage and equip parents in the art of new media bedtime stories. There’s the narration which gives parents the opportunity to read the story and interact with their children and then there’s the fun and lovable characters for the children.  

So, while Zach was preparing to find his dream job as a Auto CAD designer, for a reputable home builder in the Pennsylvania region, we talked him into doing some illustrating for us here at Vogt Media/Wellsboro Home Page. I have been working on this project for a number of years now, but could never find the right person who had the giftedness, patience, and willingness to work with us to nail the personalities of the characters through illustration.  We needed someone who would invest themselves deep enough in the project to truly understand the vision for this children’s series and the characters involved. These characters and their expressions had to be spot-on. Zachary took the time to meet with us on several occasions, fine tuning the character illustrations until he nailed each one.

Now, we realize that, children’s illustration, is not Zach’s main career path. What he really wants to do is design homes for an outstanding builder that truly cares about their customers. But, through Zach’s willingness to help us here at Vogt Media we have had the opportunity to see what kind of young man he is. Zachary is someone who will get the job done and do it right.  He has a spirit of humility and respect toward everyone.  He is a team player and encourager of others. Zach as a very strong work ethic and will stay with a task until it’s what his client envisions. He is truly dedicated, trustworthy and reliable.

Zachary is determined to succeed in his chosen profession. He is a hard worker and will not let you down. He is also fiercely loyal. He likes Brookside Homes because of your reputation as an honest home builder providing great quality for a reasonable price. Any company who ends up employing this young man has found a gem of an employee.  


John Vogt

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